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DeskCNC (ArtMaster)
G-code manual

Software DeskCNC (ArtMaster)

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DeskCNC is the G-code control unit of the stepping motor created for Windows 95/98/Me/Nt/2000. It will consist of the G-code interpretive program, a graphical browser with OpenGL, and the G-code editor and communication components for the message with a board of control unit DeskCNC. The program allows oscillating a way of the instrument on loaded graphical files.
In the program the simple graphical editor of a half-tone image (standard transformations: resizing, cutting, luminance visibility, inverting of color)

ArtMaster is the version of program DeskCNC adjusted for operation with CNC woodworking routers "ArtMaster" and CNC laser cutting machines "ArtLaser" produced by Artel. Enters into the complete equipment machines.

Special features.

Import of DXF files.
Х Contour machining.
Х Pocket machining.
Х Milling, Drilling.
Х Auto detection of islands and the inserted islands.
Х Decomposition of the maximum depth of machining on layers, depending on loading on the instrument
Х Optimization of machining of contours and islands depending on an enclosure
Х Programmed the Post-processor
Х The Automatic vectorization of text in to DXF files
Х Creation text by TTF font (one line, instead of the paragraph) and a spelling on an arc.
Import 3D file in format STL (stereolithography)
Х Level-by-level passes (on depth) in draft and finishing on direction X or Y.
Import files of a half-tone image
Х Import half-tone images: TIF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, RLE, ICO, CUR, PNG, EMF, WMF, TARGA, PPM, AVI.
Х Standard transformations: resizing, cutting, luminance visibility, inverting of color
Х Carving.
Х Thread with compensation of the instrument.
Х Engraving
Х Machining of a half-tone image depending on depth of color
Х Decomposition of the maximum depth of machining on layers, depending on loading on the instrument
Import Gerber files (printed-circuit-boards)
Х Excising and wimbling in one operation.
Х Program DeskCNC made for Windows (95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000).
Х Renewal a way of the instrument on the shield in a real-time in 3d
Х Machining block at scanning (50,000 Blocks/seconds).
Х Machining of block at milling (300 Blocks/seconds).
Х Defined the user a longitudinal separation of one-time migration.
Х Supported linear acceleration 30 - 40,000 steps in a second.
Х Support 3 axes
Х Support 4 peripherals (spindle, vacuum cleaner, cooling, spindle reverse)
Х Automatic adjustment spindle speed
Х Automatic countering 3D ways of the instrument in real-time
Integrated 3D Editor GCode...
Х Integrated editor 3D, with an opportunity of process scaling, migration and turn
Х Continuous and step-by-step machining

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