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- CNC woodworking milling machine ArtMaster
- vacuum press
- PVC film in assortment

Minifactory: milling machine, vacuum press, PVC film

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster A"

work surface area 2100x1200, Elte spindle, 4 kW

10 modification of Artmaster.

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1212"

work surface area 1200x1200

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1212

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1009"

work surface area 1000x900

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1009

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 0404"

work surface area 400x400

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 0404

Vacuum press Automatic

Vacuum press Automatic

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines "ArtPlasma"

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma

PVC film for vacuum press (color spectrum 250 colors)

PVC film

Welcome to the Artel Company Website!

In the last decade the market of furniture production has undergone with big changes. Technology have been changed. New materials have appeared. Requirements of customers not only to quality of furniture, but also to design have increased. Competition has increased...

In the created conditions for successful activity it is not enough for firm to find optimal suppliers of materials and accessories , developers of new models. modern, hi-tech, convenient machine in maintenance which will allow to realize your ideas is extremely necessary.

In this direction the machine constructing division of Artel LTD explicates. At present we have masters production of lines woodworking and metalworking CNC machines:

- Woodworking CNC milling machines ArtMaster
- Vacuum press MVP-2512
- CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser
- CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma

Artel Ltd. presents :

Minifactory: woodworking CNC milling machines ArtMaster, vacuum press, PVC filmMinifactory - complex solution! Integration of the CNC router and vacuum press into one production cycle allows furniture manufacturers to reduce production time and costs.

Woodworking CNC milling machines ArtMaster. Woodworking equipment.Woodworking CNC milling machines ArtMaster facilitate production of any shape and configuration such as facades, doors, windows, table-tops...

CNC milling machines "ArtMaster" 2515, 2112
CNC milling machines "ArtMaster" 1212, 1009, 0404

Vacuum press. Woodworking equipment.Vacuum press MVP-2512 A series of vacuum presses for heat forming of doors, furniture and kitchen cabinet doors, different furniture units with PVC films and veneer, with the help of heat and vacuum technique system.

Vacuum press Simple
Vacuum press Automatic
Vacuum press With 2 work tables

CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaserCNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser
CNC machine ArtLaser - this is a system for laser cutting and engraving, allowing you to treat preparation with noncontact, fast and the precision tool.

Laser cutting machines "ArtLaser 2515"
Laser cutting machines ArtLaser "1409", "0906"

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma. Metal cutting equipment.Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma
Machines suitable for cutting metal and an excising of any circuits on a sheet with width 0,5 - 45 mm. CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma - this is modern system, combine with latest technology of plasma cutting CNC and compact solution.

Dealership A growing network of dealers allows our customers to purchase equipment in their areas.


* 09.2011: 1000!

We have produce milling machine "ArtMaster" with serial number 1000!

* 09.2011: 500!

We have produce vacuum press with serial number 500!

* 05.2008: New milling machines:

CNC milling machine: "ArtMaster 1009" - 1000x900mm and "ArtMaster 0404"
- 400x400mm (working area)

* 05.2007: New milling machine:

CNC milling machine "ArtMaster 1212"
working area - 1200x1200mm

* 04.2007: New vacuum press:

Automatic vacuum press MVP-2512
with 2 work tables

* 01.2007: New laser machines:

CNC laser machines: "ArtLaser 1209" - 1200x900mm and "ArtLaser 0906" - 900x600, 4 coordinate. An engraving on a stone, plastic, wood, etc.

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