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Vacuum chuck
Buy it now. Woodworking and metalworking equipment.

- CNC woodworking milling machine ArtMaster
- vacuum press
- PVC film in assortment

Minifactory: milling machine, vacuum press, PVC film

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster
"2515" and "2112"

10 modifications

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1212"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1212

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1009"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1009

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 0404"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 0404

Vacuum press Automatic

Vacuum press Automatic

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 1409"

CNC laser machines ЂArtLaser 1409ї for laser cutting and engraving

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 0906"

CNC laser machines ЂArtLaser 0906ї for laser cutting and engraving

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines "ArtPlasma"

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma

PVC film for vacuum press

PVC film


The service centre of "Artel" offers the following services:
- holding starting-up and adjustment works
- holding guarantee and after guarantee service
- sale of spare parts for the delivered equipment
- consultations at sampling the equipment
- an opportunity of fixed free-of-charge renewal of software
- a hot line on questions of service of the equipment

A hot line:
+38 (067) 958-66-73
Genady G. Ponomaryov. Sales Manager.

1. Installation work.
Installation work provided by special department of company Artel Ltd. Price for Installation work is include in total price of our machines, price is not include transportation charges and traveling expenses.

Installation work include:
Х Connection of the equipment to an electrical circuit through connectors
Х Check of all clusters of the equipment after transportation
Х Connection of the computer, installation and adjustment of software
Х Functional check of the equipment, pattern weaving

2. Warranty conditions.

Warranty include:

Х Machinery repair in case of damage happened not by client fold
Х Replacement and delivery of malfunction spare parts
Х Consulting service

Warranty period 12 month started from day of singing adjustment agreement.

In an event of regular non-compliance of the maintenance instruction the warranty is cancelled. Equipment repair and delivery for failed components after wine of the customer are affected at his expense, including passage and traveling and living expenses of the expert.

Maximum time of coming of experts for warranty service 6 - 20 days, depending distance.
In order to call expert it is necessary to fax the application with the description of failure, factory number of machine and purchase date.

3. After warranty conditions.

After warranty include:

Х Realization of single repairing work
Х Delivery of components and spare parts
Х Realization of periodic service for what it is necessary to conclude the Agreement of service
Х Consultation services

4. Sale of components for delivered equipment.
From us you can acquire all components necessary for activity of our equipment.

5. Consultations to choice best equipment for your use.
Our experts will help you to choice best equipment for your use with allowance for not only your capabilities, but also your requirements. In regulations of our firm delivery to the customer of the equipment only with those capabilities which will be claimed by manufacture.

6. Software update.
Our clients have opportunity for free updates of our control software DeskCNC (ArtMaster). You can download latest version on following programs link

Artel Ltd also include in price training program for new clients on our production site in Ukraine. Training period at least 5 days.

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