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CNC four-sider planer
Plasma cutting machines
Buy it now. Woodworking and metalworking equipment.

- CNC woodworking milling machine ArtMaster
- vacuum press
- PVC film in assortment

Minifactory: milling machine, vacuum press, PVC film

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster
"2515" and "2112"

10 modifications

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1212"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1212

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 1009"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 1009

CNC woodworking milling machines "ArtMaster 0404"

CNC woodworking milling machines ArtMaster 0404

Vacuum press Automatic

Vacuum press Automatic

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 1409"

CNC laser machines ArtLaser 1409 for laser cutting and engraving

CNC laser-engraving machines "ArtLaser 0906"

CNC laser machines ArtLaser 0906 for laser cutting and engraving

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines "ArtPlasma"

Metalworking CNC plasma cutting machines ArtPlasma

PVC film for vacuum press

PVC film

FAQ - CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser

CNC laser cutting machines
"ArtLaser 2515"

CNC laser cutting machine "ArtLaser"

» Video Work of machine (zip 4Mb, mpg)

CNC machine "ArtLaser" - this system created for laser cutting and engraving, allowing you to treat preparation with noncontact, fast and the precision tool. Industrial laser have a simple and unique use witch give you simplicity and accuracy. It consist of the parts having a wide circulation, it is simples in maintenance and service.


* 09.2011: 1000!

We have produce milling machine "ArtMaster" with serial number 1000!

* 05.2008: New milling machines:

CNC milling machine: "ArtMaster 1009" - 1000x900mm and "ArtMaster 0404"
- 400x400mm (working area)

* 05.2007: New milling machine:

CNC milling machine "ArtMaster 1212"
working area - 1200x1200mm

Special interest can be taken with a factories engaged in an incrustation and operation with a veneer, and also for manufacturers of the outdoor advertising.

Advantage of laser cutting:

- opportunity of cutting on a circuit of any complexity
- high cutting accuracy
- high cutting speed
- minimum width cut
- the minimal mechanical effect on a material
- the minimal zone of thermal effect
- CNC control system
- Opportunity of designing in any graphical packages

Samples made on CNC laser machine "ArtLaser"

Advantages of laser engraving:

- high resistance to wearing-down
- possibility to work with drawing any design
- high engraving speed
- engraving controlled by your PC
- you can create any drawing using any drawing editor


- foam plastic
- decorative polystyrol
- wood
- laminated wood
- veneer
- leather
- fabric
- rubber
- paper, cardboard

For some materials (fabric, leather, paper...) you can use packet.

CNC laser cutting machines "ArtLaser-2515"

Overall dimensions, mm
Machine 2970x2030x1350
Control unit 600x600x1720
Cooling system 600x400x400
Work Surface Area, mm
Length 2500
Width 1500
Height 50
Dimensions of table, mm 2875x1500
Resolution, mm 0.05
Feeding range, depended on the material,
up 6
Laser type CO2 with water cooling system
Power of laser, W 60
Life of laser, h 4000
Total power, kW 3
Power supply AC, three phase voltage grounded 380 V, 50Hz
Total weight, kg 700
CNC system CNC panel without computer
Software DeskCNC (ArtMaster)

* - all training, you can pass on industrial base of company Artel LTD, free-of-charge.
* - starting-up and adjustment works by us are carried out free-of-charge (without taking into account traveling and living expenses)
* - You can buy our machine for our dealer list
* - conditions of payment: 50% in a advance, 50% before shipment
* - production time 60 day from of payment
* - warranty period - 12 months

Visit our photo gallery:

» Here you can see samples made by CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser
» Pictures of CNC laser cutting machines ArtLaser

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